Next Edge Group is an Indian technology driven group, founded in 2011 & serving clients across the real estate & automobile sectors. Our vision is to strengthen today’s modern businesses by providing them products which they can use to simplify their day to day business practices and achieve to their goals. Next Edge Group has 2 operating companies in emerging Indian market and are serving business.We have over 6 years of expertise in the related fields. Both the companies of Next Edge Group are leaders in their own field of operation. Next Edge Group is having dedicated teams who always work for constant innovation which is required by the today's competitive business world.

A Google partner company and leaders in providing BMS systems to real estate industry. edynamics has invented and developed BMS System to serve real estate industry which saves time and money by converting day to day operations to automated level.. (BMS) Business Management System is a state of the art platform which is developed to make business handling easier and better informed. BMS serves clients and helps them to earn maximum profit using minimum resources. A dedicated team is continuously working to provide upgrades to BMS system to grow in the flow of modern technology. BMS is an all in one platform which is providing integrated services such as payment gateways, mobile apps, SMS Platforms, email Platforms, cloud telephony all together under one roof.

Business Apps is a leading emerging company which serves clients with an extraordinary LMS mobile app platform. Our dedicated team has developed tailor-made LMS Apps specifically designed for the automobile, retail & services industry. LMS Apps are developed on Amazon (AWS) Cloud Network. Seamless integration of various services such as cloud telephony, SMS, emails, Payment gateways and various tools which are mandatory requirement of today's modern business.

LMS Network is growing everyday and extending its services to Small, Medium and Large businesses across Automobile, Retail and Services sector.